If You’re Ever in Austin

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When I first decided to leave Miami, Austin was one of the cities several people recommended to me, but I never imagined I would end up living in Texas. Life and love took me to Houston for a year, but then Austin became my next home. I packed up my car and arrived in my new city on my first day of summer break.

When I knew I was leaving Houston, I chose Austin because of the beautiful weather, progressive people, and active lifestyle. I was also excited to live in a vegan friendly city, and even though Austin doesn’t have beaches, there’s no shortage of water to swim and play in.

I’ve gotten so many great tips on places to go, so I wanted to share some of them with you.

The Greenbelts

Up until recently, I thought there was just one huge interconnected greenbelt in Austin since I hear everyone talking about “The Greenbelt”. Thanks to this post, I now understand that there are several greenbelts in Austin. The greenbelt people are usually referring to is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, the largest and most beloved one. I’ve been to Gus Fruh and Barton Springs, both public access points to this Austin treasure. I’ve also been to the Bull Creek Greenbelt, another great way to spend a summer Austin day. While the greenbelts are known for their hiking and biking, I was all about the swimming on these steamy days! No matter what your pleasure is though, the Greenbelt is a must if you’re in Austin!


Families enjoying a sunny summer day at Bull Creek

Families enjoying a sunny summer day at Bull Creek

The Food

I think I’ve gained at least five pounds in the two months that I’ve been here. I don’t know for sure, but it certainly feels that way. When I lived in Houston and Miami, I ate a mostly whole foods, plant-based diet. However, Austin is so vegan friendly, that vegan treats and junk food abound. I’ve indulged in donuts from Wheatsville and Voodoo Donuts, the vegan breakfast platter and queso from Kerbey Lane, and delicious tacos from Vegan Nom. There’s pretty much delicious food for any lifestyle or dietary preference anywhere you turn. Get ready to eat and enjoy it!


My first vegan donut courtesy of Wheatsville


Delicious sushi from Kome










Vegan hot dog from Doggie Style

Vegan hot dog from Doggie Style

Breakfast tacos from Mother's Cafe

Breakfast tacos from Mother’s Cafe

The Nightlife

I usually prefer daytime and outdoor activities, but I’ve discovered a couple cool spots that are worth staying up late for. Ego’s Karaoke is a bit hard to find, but this little hole in the wall is a fun little dive bar any night of the week, at least it was on the Wednesday and Saturday that I was there! Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve to take the stage!

Barbarella was another pleasant surprise! While different nights have different themes, I’ve only been there on two Friday nights for eighties night. I was flooded with excitement every time an eighties hit that I hadn’t heard in years came on. The best part was the vibes on the dance floor. No one was concerned with how they looked. Everyone was just busting their favorite dance moves with their friends. It almost felt like a house party.


A beautiful tribute to the victims of the horrific Orlando tragedy. Just another reason I love this city.

Even though fun and food are in no short supply, the best part has been all the amazing people I’ve encountered. People here are overwhelmingly polite, helpful, and friendly.

If you’re ever in Austin, I hope you have the chance to check out some of these amazing spots! If not, no worries; there are many, many more!



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