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In a recent post, I expressed my fears and doubts about my career change from teaching to writing. Since then, I’ve seized two amazing opportunities that were both borne of my background in education. My teaching experience has been a pleasantly surprising asset during this transition.

I will be working with an amazing non-profit organization, Writers in the Schools (WITS), to bring the joy of writing to children in the community. I really didn’t think I’d be teaching writing again any time soon, but I’m so excited about it! I look forward to creating experiences that help children discover a passion for words.

In addition to working with WITS, I will be working with an educational technology company writing storyboards for their online reading tutorials. This is my first official writing gig! I can’t believe someone will actually be paying me to write! It will also be my first stint working from home and working in the private sector. I even had to sign  a non-disclosure agreement. That really made me feel like a grown up and reminded me I wasn’t in Kansas anymore!

I’m ecstatic about diving into these endeavors, and I can’t wait to see where they lead me next!


I am also thrilled about a new partnership and another that’s reached the next level. (I’m talking Facebook relationship status!)

My first post for Personal Growth was recently published, and I hope to have many more with them in the future! Check it out here:


While my relationship with Personal Growth is new, I’ve decided to make a commitment to The Good Men Project. For the next three months, I will be a weekly contributor every Monday night! Here’s the first one!



I’ve added an additional page to my website that lists all of my published posts. Have a look around and see if anything resonates with you!


I’m thinking of adding a resources page and a book list to share all of the amazing expertise that has helped me in my life and career.

Thank you for all of your help and support! Every like, share, comment, and word of encouragement means so much to me!




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