What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?


This is a question I asked myself today and I plan on asking myself every day from now on. After all, it can’t wait. Now is all I’ve got. I cannot assume otherwise.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

I want to spend my time here:

reading and writing

teaching and sharing

growing and learning

loving and being loved



being in nature

helping my community


leaving the world a better place

I want to leave a legacy, not out of some selfish kind of self-glorification, but out of obligation. I think we all have a responsibility to do so, and I think we all do anyway whether we realize it or not. I’m just choosing to be more intentional about what I leave behind.

Now that I think I have the WHAT pretty much figured out (although that’s subject to change and that’s okay), it’s time to figure out the HOW.

Now’s a good time to mention that this post and many of these ideas were inspired by Ryan Mitchell over at thetinylife.com.

So here are my hows:

1. I’m working on obtaining multiple streams of income that I can manage from anywhere.

2. I’m working toward building a tiny, portable home for myself.

3. I want to start reducing my carbon footprint by producing more and more of my own food and day-to-day products.

4. I want to document these processes here to help others who are on a similar path (and to receive help as well).

You may not see the connection between the whats and the hows, but they’re all closely related. I’ve noticed that the simpler my life is, the more time and freedom I have to pursue my true passions. This simplicity mindset also serves the purpose of being good for the environment. It’s a win-win situation! I don’t want to spend another second in mindless consumption on society’s neverending hamster wheel, so this is where I’ll begin.

I plan on documenting my journey here. I hope you’ll join me and share yours as well.

So how do you want to spend your life and what’s your plan to get you there? Please leave a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.



P.S. Sorry about all the spaces! This is my first post and I couldn’t figure out how to make my lists single-spaced.



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