Published Articles

As seen in The Good Men Project, MindBodyGreen, and Personal Growth:

“What I’m Willing to Do to My Body” 20 June 2016

“How to Keep Your New Year’s and Other Resolutions” 13 January 2016

“My Walk on the Dark Side of Dating” 7 December 2015

Spotlight Shines Despite Its Unsettling Subject Matter” 30 November 2015

“Dear Work, I’m Breaking Up With You” 23 November 2015

“Finding Time to Read”  18 November 2015

“Sex With Minors? It’s Always Rape” 9 November 2015

“Things to Remember While Working a Day Job and Building Your Dreams” 2 November 2015

“Learning Healthy Love” 26 October 2015

The Intern Delivers Laughs and More” 19 October 2015

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” 12 October 2015

“How Do You Define Cheating?” 5 October 2015

“What Does It Take to Make a Good Man Feel Loved?” 28 September 2015

“Boys: Needed and Necessary, Capable, and Loved” 21 September 2015

“What Are You Willing to Accept?” 15 September 2015

“How Waiting for Enthusiastic Consent Will Get Your Needs Met (Enthusiastically)” 12 July 2015

“100 Words on Love: Through the Cold” 26 January 2015

“Sick of Working Out: 6 Tips to Motivate Yourself & Get Back in the Game” 4 January 2015

“Dear Married People: A Guide to Avoid Being Obnoxious to Single Folks this Holiday” 24 December 2014

“Celebrating Together on December 25th-But It’s Not Christmas” 24 December 2014

“100 Words on Love: Reassurance” 15 December 2014

“100 Words on Love: Dinah Untold” 6 November 2014

“#RapeCultureIsWhen…Putting an End to Rape Culture” 23 October 2014

“Thank You Elizabeth Smart” 19 October 2014

“A Legacy of Labels: Why Raven-Symone’s Statement Rang True for Many” 13 October 2014

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