Morning Smoothies

I do not recommend any of the recipes above! šŸ˜‰

In my previous post about morning rituals, I mentioned that smoothies are an important part of a successful morning . I do not have a smoothie every morning, but when I do I instantly feel good about starting the day off with several servings of fruit and sometimes one serving of veggies. I try to get smoothies in at least a few times a week.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy your morning smoothie. The recipes you can create and find are limitless. I love this post by No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier because it details surefire ways to make a tasty smoothie. I enjoy experimenting with different combinations. I have gone wrong a few times, but for the most part I usually end up with a tasty and healthy drink.

I sometimes have a smoothie as breakfast and sometimes I have it with breakfast. It depends on how hungry I am and what’s in it. If I make an all fruit smoothie with a water base, I will definitely need some solid food to go with it. If I pack a smoothie with oatmeal, fruit, veggies, and nut butter, that usually fills me up pretty well. Although there are some mornings when I still feel the need to bite into something. I go with whatever my body tells me.

Some people recommend all fruit smoothies for breakfast since fruits can be a great source of energy. However, I don’t think it can hurt to get some greens in there. I used to be opposed to green smoothies because I thought they looked and tasted disgusting, but recently I’ve been experimenting with them. I’ve realized that raw vegetables, especially greens, are such an important part of our diet, probably the most important. Unfortunately, some days I don’t get enough or any at all. This is why I’ve started to add baby kale or spinach to my morning smoothies. At first, the color alone grossed me out. A few leaves instantly turns a whole smoothie green. I would constantly tell myself, “Yummy, look how healthy and satisfying that looks!” Eventually, I bought into it. Now the green doesn’t bother me. I even get a kick out of seeing that familiar disgusted look on some of my coworkers’ faces when I walk into work with my green smoothie. Right now, I only add a small handful of greens. That way all I taste is the fruit even though it looks like a salad bar in a blender. I’ve heard several people say that your tolerance and desire for the greens grows with time and you will naturally start adding more in. Surprisingly, I’ve found this to be true for me already.

One of my least favorite things about smoothies is the prep time and clean up. This is probably why I don’t make them every day. I have found some ways to make the prep time easier and more enjoyable. Cutting up all the fruits and veggies beforehand makes the execution very quick and easy in the morning. I’ve even tried putting all the fruits and veggies I will use the next morning in a mason jar the night before. Then I just have to pour the contents into the blender with some liquid and go!

Another way to cut down on your smoothie prep and clean up time is by choosing the blender that’s right for you. I’ve had the same blender for years and I’m waiting for it to die before treating myself to a Ninja, Vitamix, or NutriBullet. I’m looking for power, easy clean up, and a portable container I can blend in and take with me. I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Even though I try different smoothie recipes, there are some favorite components that I usually stick with. First and foremost, my smoothie just seems incomplete without a banana. I love the flavor and consistency that it gives. If I’m adding greens to my smoothie, I like coconut water for the liquid base since it adds sweetness and is very healthy. Any kind of berries are another favorite addition. For a thicker smoothie and more protein, peanut butter is my favorite choice. I also add chia seeds or ground flax sometimes.

Another great benefit of smoothies is preventing waste. When your fruit starts getting a little soft and ugly, just throw them in there and drink them! Your body will thank you!

What’s in your smoothie?




  • Janet says:

    I totally agree with all the pros and cons of smoothies in the morning! I am spoiled. My hubby likes making them for me in the mornings. I’ve heard that the nutribullet is the quickest way and has a portable container. I love bananas, strawberries, vanilla soy, flax seed! Must start adding greens šŸ™

  • janet says:

    I meant, almond vanilla milk. šŸ™‚

  • admin says:

    You lucky lady! Yes, I’m leaning toward the Nutribullet. I like almond vanilla milk too! I started with just a few green leaves at a time. You won’t even taste it. šŸ™‚

  • Noelle says:

    I love smoothies too and bananas are just the fruit to “enhance” the flavor of greens. I like to throw in kale, beets and/or carrots to get some veggies in. I once tried celery, but it was to potent for my liking. My sister in law got us a nutribullet a couple of years ago for Christmas and I love it. It blends really well and it’s super easy to clean.

    My favorite milkshake substitute is a frozen banana with a bit of almond milk, cocoa powder and a bit of peanut butter. It curbs my ice cream craving every time…speaking of that…I’m gonna go make one right now. LOL

  • Lisah says:

    Wow!!! Yum! I think I should get a nutribullet too for the to go container!
    Great ideas!

  • admin says:

    Lol Noelle! That sounds yummy! I think I’m going to have one right now too!

    Yes, Lis! Love the to go container! That’s a must!

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