A Former Codependent’s Version of the Lord’s Prayer

Our father who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Some say that you are not gendered

But you are a man to me

For even feminists need a father figure

Thy kingdom will come when I bring it to the world

I have to do thy will here on Earth

As I imagine it is in heaven

I have to bake myself my own daily bread

And forgive myself my own trespasses

My struggle is not to forgive those who have trespassed against me

But to set healthy boundaries with them

And no longer allow them to

Please lead me into temptation

And show me how strong I am

I am not afraid to be tested

I’ve already been delivered to the devil

I kissed his face, smiled, and walked away

He didn’t know what to do with my love

Now your kingdom

Your power

Your glory

Reside within me

And everything I touch

Forever and ever

So be it

Photo: Flickr/Muneef Hameed

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