A Lemon a Day

When life gives you lemons, drink lemon water.

When life gives you lemons, drink lemon water!

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a short post outlining some of my favorite morning rituals. Aside from getting ready the night before and starting the day with gratitude, drinking lemon water is one of my favorites. I’ve read about many of the health benefits of this practice, but I have to be honest- I just love the way drinking lemon water makes me feel!

When I start my day off with a gulp of lemon water, I instantly feel more energized. It helps me to lift that morning haze when I first get out of bed. As I sip my lemon water throughout the morning, I instantly feel refreshed and revitalized. I can actually feel that I’m doing something healthy for my body. You can be the judge of this, but I also feel like my breath is much fresher. Please let me know if I’m wrong!

As simple as this habit is, I’m not always consistent about it. Sometimes I run out of lemons and sometimes I fall off the path for no good reason at all. I’m able to stick to my lemon habit when I buy a bunch at the same time. I used to be hesitant to do this, but I’ve never had a lemon go to waste, especially since they also work so well as salad dressing or squeezed onto many of my favorite foods.

Another simple trick that helps me to get squeezing in the morning is to leave my lemon, knife, and cutting board out on the counter the night before. Some people like to have their lemon water ready the night before, but I actually really enjoy the sensations of preparing my lemon water in the morning. I like seeing the lemon on the counter, smelling its tartness when I cut into it, and the feel of squeezing it into my water bottle. There’s a therapeutic quality about it. It’s like my own daily aromatherapy or a form of meditation. It’s quick and easy, too!

I often want something warm and soothing to drink in the morning since I usually wake up feeling a little chilly (even though I live in Miami). I generally take my water at room temperature anyway, but on these days I drink my lemon water warm. Sometimes I’ll add a green tea bag, too.

No matter which way I end up getting in my morning lemon water, I’m always glad I did!

What do you like to start your day with? I’d love to hear your thoughts!





  • Lisah says:

    I agree with the breath!!! Lol- I find it also helps with breakouts and digestion!!! I’m glad to know how much you enjoy it!

  • Chris says:

    Morning rituals are awesome. I, like you always start with a full glass of water. I will have to try it with lemon next time. The second thing i like to do is sit on my patio for a couple minutes, just to get some fresh air.

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